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Amber Reclosable UV Poly Bags

Our reclosable brown amber bags are made of virgin polyethylene and meet all USDA and FDA requirements. Each brown amber reclosable zip-lock bag features a prime quality seal that protects the bag's contents.

Amber Bags

  • - Amber reclosable bags protects Ultra-Violet Penetration and protect Ultra-Violet sensitive materials.
  • - Easy close zipper
  • - The brown color makes the zip-lock bags easily identifiable.
  • - Full gauge
  • - Ideal for photo sensitive materials, pharmaceuticals, light-sensitive chemicals, and food additives.

Code Name Price Gauge Package Quantity  
3867A ZT AMBER 3X5X3mil 1000/CS $21.44 3mil 1000
3870A ZT AMBER 4X6X3mil 1000/CS $25.34 3mil 1000
3873A ZT AMBER 6X8X3mil 1000/CS $44.59 3mil 1000
3875A ZT AMBER 8X8X3mil 1000/CS $57.92 3mil 1000
3877A ZT AMBER 8X14X3mil 1000/CS $90.33 3mil 1000
3880A ZT AMBER 9X12X3mil 1000/CS $88.07 3mil 1000
3883A ZT AMBER 12X12X3mil 1000/C $113.01 3mil 1000
3865A ZT AMBER 2.5X9X3mil 1000/C $25.65 3 mil 1000