.48 Mil Black Linear Low Density Liners

Black trash liners, LLD trash liners, .48 micron black trash bags


Linear low density (LLDPE) trash liners are manufactured with a tubular construction to prevent breakage of the side seams. Linear low density bags are manufactured to allow for thinner gauges with the same strength as traditional low density liners. Primary uses are general food waste, lawn trimmings, rough food waste, and items with sharp edges. Linear low density bags are available in multiple gauges, and black or clear.

.48 mil     .58 mil     .78 mil     .98 mil

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Code Product Name Case Pack Gauge Price Order
4170 Lin 15x9x23x0.48 Black 1000 0.48 $60.76
4175 Lin 15x9x31x0.48 Black 1000 0.48 $81.35
4177 Lin 20x13x39x0.48 Black 250 0.48 $35.19