Yard a Bag - Single Bags

Yard a Bag - Single Bags

    Price: $10.00

    Code: WPP-251140YAB

    Weight: 1.20 pounds


    Yard a Bag - Single Bags
    25 x 11 x 40 Woven Polypropylene "Yard A Bag" Heavy Duty Re-usable Bags. 6.3 Cubic Foot or 41 gallon capacity. Ultra convenient side handles for transport.

    • Yard A Bags are tough, reusable and washable
    • They are made of woven Polypropylene Fabric
    • They can be used 200 times and more
    • Excellent to pick up Grass Clippings, Leaves, Branches, Sand, Rocks, Soil, Mulch, Roadside Debris, Construction Debris and more